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LET’S GET TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. As a cardiovascular professional, you deserve to be supported and recognized all 52 weeks of the year—not just February 12-18. We get it.

YOU DESERVE MORE THAN ONE WEEK. The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals works year-round to support cardiovascular professionals in every specialty. We bring educational and professional opportunities directly to you, where you live and work.

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DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND. You know—what with regulatory uncertainty and new ways of doing business, “quality care” is a moving target. Plus, the pace of innovation in cardiology is much faster than in other disciplines. What you thought was a sure-thing only five years ago might be long gone already, and you don’t have time to read everything.

YOU NEED HELP KEEPING UP. You’re not alone. The doctor you work with certainly doesn’t have the time to read every new research study in cardiology—it seems like there’s hundreds every day—so doctors rely on professional associations to pick out what’s most important, or what’s most likely to change the way they provide care.

THAT’S WHERE ACVP COMES IN. ACVP provides the relevant, timely education and information you need to stay ahead of the curve, through our regional meetings, our website and ACVP Blog, our peer-reviewed journal CV Directions, our email newsletters—you get it. We keep you up to date so you’ll never get blindsided by the latest trends.

PUT “ACVP MEMBER” ON YOUR RÉSUMÉ. Being a member of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals indicates to potential employers that you care enough to keep up-to-date. They’ll know you’re dedicated to knowing and sharing the latest and greatest in best practices.

WE’RE NOT HERE TO BORE YOU. Of course, we don’t just mean best practices in care. You need that information and more—you need to know how to get ahead or pursue a career in management. You need to know how changing regulations might affect your job.

OF COURSE THAT’S NOT ALL. With ACVP, “support” means whatever you need. You tell us what you need to keep providing the best possible team-based care, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. There’s the usual suspects of benefits, too:

  • Information
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Professional development

WE DELIVER, REALLY. ACVP stays ahead of the curve—we were one of the first professional associations in healthcare to switch from a large, expensive annual conference to low-cost or no-cost regional meetings so we could deliver continuing education and best practices directly to you, where you live and work. We bring this thinking to all of our benefits.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITY. Bottom-line, membership in ACVP is about opportunity. Are you going to open the door when it knocks? Start today by joining us.

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