Members of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals have developed an excellent collection of resources including study guides and monographs to help you transition into the cardiovascular field, prepare for national registry exams, or simply be a better care provider.

Do you need to develop basic knowledge of the drugs used in cardiovascular treatment settings? We have a detailed monograph of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, which provides an excellent overview if you are transitioning from another line of care.

Studying for CCI exams? Use our excellent exam review resources:

  1. Exam Review of the CV Specialties: an overview of all cardiovascular specialties and basic information contained on national examinations.
  2. Basic Science Exam Review: a study guide providing a complete outline for the cardiovascular science exam complete with examples, definitions and a workbook.
  3. CCT Exam Review: a study guide providing a thorough outline for the certified cardiovascular technician exam along with the detail and definitions needed for success.
  4. Invasive Registry Review: a study guide with detailed outline and explanation of the concepts covered by the Invasive Registry Exam, including a workbook.
  5. Noninvasive Registry Review: a detailed study guide with workbook for the Noninvasive Registry Exam.
  6. CV Nursing Practice: a comprehensive resource manual for cardiovascular nurses written by Carol Jacobson MN, RN; Karen Marzlin DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC, CHFN; and Cynthia Webner DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC, CHFN, national educators and consultants in the cardiovascular nursing field. This resource is excellent for maintaining your knowledge and studying for certification exams.

And that’s not all! Download a brochure to see the rest of our resources and order these excellent study materials, today.

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Don’t forget, ACVP members get a discount on all these materials. If you are making the transition into cardiovascular medicine, think about joining the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals. We support our members, and our members will support YOU to make your career move as smooth as possible. Excel in CV with ACVP!

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The Alliance of Cardiovscular Professionals also regularly sponsors exam review sessions all over the United States. Check out our events schedule to see if there’s an exam review coming up near you.

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