Mission Statement

  • To meet the needs of all cardiovascular and pulmonary providers.
  • To promulgate standards.
  • To promote recognition of the cardiovascular profession.


Explore alliances – Richard Beveridge, Task Force chair

Increase membership – Jeff Doucette, Task Force chair

Review current educational programs both in content and delivery and propose recommendations for changes
– Mary Heisler, Task Force chair

Determine the most effective communication strategy for members – Chair open

Develop guidelines for consistent marketing of ACVP – Tina Brinton, Task Force chair

Identify and promote the unique contribution of the individual specialties within ACVP – Bryan Fredericks, Task Force Chair

Each goal has specified tasks associated with it to ensure success in reaching the goal.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the ACVP office at 804.632.0078.

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